Calling all bacon lovers! You’re finally home. Shop Loveless Cafe’s collection of four different country bacon flavors and have the whole house following their noses to the kitchen! Please carefully read shipping and refrigeration requirements here.
  1. Bacon Sampler
  2. Maplewood Smoked Bacon - Set of 4
  3. Applewood Smoked Bacon - Set of 4
  4. Hickory Smoked Cajun Bacon - Set of 4
  5. Hickory Smoked Pepper Bacon - Set of 4
  6. Applewood Smoked Country Bacon
  7. Hickory Smoked Cajun Bacon
  8. Maplewood Smoked Country Bacon
  9. Hickory Smoked Pepper Bacon

Shop Specialty Bacon

If you’re a true Bacon lover, then you’ve made it to the right place. Here, at the Loveless, we understand the importance of having bacon on the table during every meal. Breakfast or supper, rain or shine, we’re always serving up crispy and chewy bacon slices in our Cafe. But, you too can enjoy the bold and smoky flavors of real country bacon.

Shop our selection of delicious bacon online and let your tastebuds enjoy four powerful flavors of real country-style bacon. First up, is our Applewood Smoked Bacon that is made with real applewood smoke chips and love. Yes, we put love into everything we do! Next, we have our Hickory Smoked Pepper Bacon, made with bold cracked peppercorns. This one really packs a punch! Then, there’s Maplewood Smoked Bacon that tastes just like it sounds and will leave your kitchen smelling delightful! And lastly, we have our Hickory Smoked Cajun Bacon that is bold, savory, and just a little spicy. It’s a staff favorite over here!