Baking Mixes

Can't swing by the Cafe, but hankering for your favorites? Thanks to our baking mixes, you can savor Loveless Cafe classics in the comfort of your own kitchen! From our world-famous Biscuit Mix to our Fried Chicken Breading, mix things up by keeping unique, Southern staples in your pantry year-round! Grab our southern Biscuit Mix, and you’ll have your very own tray of the Tennessee’s Best Biscuit. Just combine with some ice-cold buttermilk to create fluffy biscuits so soft, they practically melt in your mouth. Fixing breakfast for yourself or the whole crew? Use our Southern pancake mix to whip up stacks of pancakes or waffles—thick, fluffy, and bound to please folks of all ages. Browse our baking mixes and keep the good stuff coming.
  1. Biscuit Mix
  2. Biscuit Mix - Set of 6
  3. Belgian Waffle and Pancake Mix
  4. Belgian Waffle and Pancake Mix - Set of 6
  5. Sweet Potato Pancake Mix

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  6. Sweet Potato Pancake Mix- Set of 6

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  7. Pancake Lovers Set

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  8. Fried Chicken Breading
  9. Stone Ground Grits

Southern Baking Mixes

After close to 70 years of satisfying diners' appetites for down home meals beating with the heart of southern cooking, we decided to give you the opportunity to recreate some of those same mouth watering recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen. No, we don't offer in-home cooking lessons, although we wish we could. But we do provide the next best thing—specially formulated baking mixes that will fill your kitchen with the same aromas that customers line up for at our restaurant.

A Taste of The Loveless at Home

Now you can make some of our customer favorites for your favorite people to enjoy on those special mornings you gather 'round the kitchen table. We've mixed together the same fresh ingredients that go into our Belgian waffles here in the restaurant and sifted them into unbleached cotton sacks that bring to mind those long-gone days when families journeyed to the general store in town to gather round the pot-bellied stove in the corner to warm their hands before gathering their vittles for the week.

Belgian Waffle and Pancake Mix

If our Belgian waffles are what little Johnny offers on those family outings to Loveless Cafe, now you can serve them up for him any morning you want. And it doesn't have to take a bunch of time out of your busy schedule. We've taken the hard part out. All that's left for you to do is to dump the contents of the bag into a mixing bowl (no need to rummage through your kitchen cabinets for all the dry ingredients) and just add water, or for a richer version, water blended with 1/4 cup buttermilk. Once you've blended it all together and poured it into your waiting waffle maker or hot griddle, you have enough for the whole family to enjoy. One bag makes four big crisp-on-the-outside, soft-and-luscious-on-the-inside masterpiece Belgian waffles, or eight-to-ten fluffy golden pancakes.

Biscuit Mix

And save that buttermilk, you can use it later to make a batch of Loveless Cafe OMG-good, can-I-please-have-another soft fluffy biscuits. One 2-lb bag makes up to fifty delicious replicas of the same southern style biscuits you can't get enough of at our Loveless Cafe. And if you're a skeptic, questioning its authenticity and wondering if we've left out a special secret ingredient, our biscuit mix is the real deal, authentic enough that Reese Witherspoon, that walking, talking ambassador for everything southern, featured it in her picks she guarantees will make you a southern Belle (or a Southern gentlemen).