Preserves & Butters

There are few things better than a Loveless Cafe biscuit. The only way to improve them is when they’re topped with our very own preserves and butters! We provide a diverse collection of fruit preserves such as fig, strawberry, and more, adding a sweet tang that you won’t be able to get enough of. Don’t want to commit to a larger jar just yet? We have miniature jams and jellies as well for you to try. Our series of all-natural butters like apple, pumpkin, and sweet potato spreads are also a great option. Don’t forget to grab our old-fashioned Blackberry, Strawberry, and Peach Preserves to top off your Loveless Biscuits. Or perhaps you’ll want to try our Sweet Potato or Apple Butter to pair with our Belgian Waffle and Pancake Mix! The possibilities are endless when you shop with us, so check out our preserves and butters selection to find the right one for your tastes.
  1. Blackberry Preserves 16oz
  2. Peach Preserves 16oz
  3. Strawberry Preserves 16oz
  4. Blackberry Preserves 8oz
  5. Peach Preserves 8oz
  6. Strawberry Preserves 8oz
  7. Blackberry Preserves 2oz
  8. Peach Preserves 2oz
  9. Strawberry Preserves 2oz
  10. Miniature Jam Pack
  11. Fig Preserves
  12. Loveless Cafe Apple Butter
  13. Pumpkin Butter
  14. Sweet Potato Butter
  15. Butter Lovers
  16. Butter My Biscuits