Preserves & Butters

Don’t forget to grab our old-fashioned Blackberry, Strawberry, and Peach Preserves to top off your Loveless Biscuits. Or perhaps you’ll want to try our Sweet Potato or Apple Butter to pair with our Belgian Waffle and Pancake Mix!
  1. Blackberry Preserves 16oz
  2. Peach Preserves 16oz
  3. Strawberry Preserves 16oz
  4. Blackberry Preserves 8oz
  5. Peach Preserves 8oz
  6. Strawberry Preserves 8oz
  7. Blackberry Preserves 2oz
  8. Peach Preserves 2oz
  9. Strawberry Preserves 2oz
  10. Miniature Jam Pack
  11. Fig Preserves
  12. Loveless Cafe Apple Butter
  13. Pumpkin Butter
  14. Sweet Potato Butter
  15. Butter Lovers
  16. Butter My Biscuits
Did you know that our Fresh Fruit Preserves only use two ingredients? That’s right-- just fruit and sugar! We like to keep things simple ’round here just like Lon and Annie Loveless used to. Although our favorite way to use them is on top of a biscuit, we also use our preserves in a bunch of Southern recipes to try at home. A few of our favorites are the Peach Dump Cake, Creamy Strawberry Dip, and Blackberry Bruschetta.

You can also enjoy our Apple Butter, Sweet Potato Butter, and Pumpkin Butter on top of a warm golden biscuit, spread onto a fluffy pancake, or even just straight out of the jar! These butters are sweet with a little bit of spice to have you dreaming of fall all year round!