1. Blue and Cream Mug
  2. Motel Sign Mug
  3. Measuring Pint Glass
  4. Motel Sign Shot Glass
  5. A Taste of the Loveless Cafe Cookbook
  6. Biscuit Cutter
  7. Spread the Love Spatula
  8. Loveless Cafe "All About that Baste" Basting Brush
  9. Loveless Cafe Hey Good Lookin' Whatcha Got Cookin' Kitchen Spatula With Measurement Table
  10. Motel Sign Bottle Opener
  11. Neon Keychain Bottle Opener
  12. Loveless Cafe Illustration Jam Jar Opener
  13. Smokin Butts Can Cooler
  14. Praise the Lard Towel
  15. Loveless Cafe Motel Neon Sign Kitchen Tea Towel