For all you folks who like to graze throughout the day, you’re sure to love our Southern Snack selection. We’ve got everything from Spiced Pecans to Beef Jerky in here! And for all you bacon lovers, if it says the word Piggy in it, you definitely want it.
  1. Peanut Brittle Candy
  2. Loveless Cafe Piggy Popcorn
  3. Loveless Cafe Piggy Brittle
  4. Loveless Cafe Cashew Brittle
  5. Loveless Cafe Pecan Brittle
  6. Loveless Cafe Piggy Pecans
  7. Loveless Cafe Spiced Pecans
  8. Loveless Cafe Piggy Pack: bacon peanut brittle, popcorn and candied pecans
  9. Loveless Cafe Pecan Pack: Piggy Pecans, Spiced Pecans, & Pecan Brittle
  10. Loveless Cafe Brittle Pack: Pecan, Piggy, Peanut & Cashew
  11. Biscuits & Jam Premium Goo Goo