Pickled Vegetables & Relishes

Our variety of pickled vegetables will take your family cookouts to the next level, so don’t forget to relish in the moment. Try adding some Sweet Pepper Relish to your burger or some Chow Chow to your hot dog for some real Southern flair.
  1. Old-Fashioned Corn Relish from The Loveless Cafe
  2. Loveless Cafe Old-Fashioned Sweet Pepper Relish
  3. Loveless Cafe Hot Pepper Relish
  4. Loveless Cafe Mild Chow Chow Relish
  5. Loveless Cafe Hot Chow Chow Relish
  6. Garlic Bread and Butter Pickles
  7. Loveless Cafe Old-Fashioned Southern Pickled Beets
  8. Loveless Cafe Old-Fashioned Piccalilli Relish
  9. Loveless Cafe Calico Dip Gift Set - Hot Sauce, Corn Relish, Chicken Shake Seasoning
  10. Pack Your Pantry Southern Staples Gift Set
  11. Old-Fashioned Pickled Okra
One of our favorite ways to enjoy Pickled Okra is as a garnish on our Mason Jar Mary. This dynamic duo creates a seamless blend of tangy, salty deliciousness. Over here, we like to add some Applewood Smoked Bacon or Beef Jerky as well!

If you’re looking for a new appetizer recipe for your guests to enjoy, then look no further than this delicious Calico Corn Dip! The recipe uses our Corn Relish, Chicken Shake, and Plain Ol’ Hot Sauce (optional), which can all be found in our Calico Dip Set!

Our Chow Chow Egg Salad Recipe is another one of our biggest crowd-pleasers. Try it out on your favorite bread, use it as a dip, or eat it right out of the bowl!