Pantry Items

Shop all your Southern food favorites and pantry staple items like our famous Biscuit Mix, Stone Ground Grits, Relishes, Chow Chow, Fresh Fruit Preserves, Hot Sauces, Spice Rubs, and more!

  1. Biscuit Mix
  2. Blackberry Preserves 16oz
  3. Peach Preserves 16oz
  4. Strawberry Preserves 16oz
  5. Blackberry Preserves 8oz
  6. Peach Preserves 8oz
  7. Strawberry Preserves 8oz
  8. Blackberry Preserves 2oz
  9. Peach Preserves 2oz
  10. Strawberry Preserves 2oz
  11. Miniature Jam Pack
  12. Fig Preserves
  13. Loveless Cafe Apple Butter
  14. Pumpkin Butter
  15. Sweet Potato Butter
  16. Butter Lovers