Shop all your Southern food favorites and pantry staple items like our famous Biscuit Mix, Stone Ground Grits, Relishes, Chow Chow, Fresh Fruit Preserves, Hot Sauces, Spice Rubs, and more!

  1. Biscuit Mix
  2. Loveless Cafe Peach Jam Preserves 16oz
  3. Loveless Cafe Blackberry Jam Preserves 16oz
  4. Miniature Jam Pack
  5. Loveless Cafe Strawberry Jam Preserves 16oz
  6. Loveless Cafe Apple Butter
  7. Loveless Cafe Blackberry Jam Preserves 8oz
  8. Loveless Cafe Peach Jam Preserves 8oz
  9. Loveless Cafe Strawberry Jam Preserves 8oz
  10. Loveless Cafe Belgian Waffle and Pancake Mix
  11. Old-Fashioned Fig Preserves
  12. All Natural Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce
  13. Loveless Cafe 100% Natural Old-Fashioned Southern Sorghum
  14. Loveless Cafe BBQ Dry Rub Seasoning
  15. Loveless Cafe Mild Chow Chow Relish
  16. Loveless Cafe 100% Natural Southern Wildflower Honey
  17. Loveless Cafe Fried Chicken Breading
  18. Loveless Cafe Peach-B-Q Rub BBQ Seasoning
This online Southern food store has everything you need to keep those good ol’ country fixins in your pantry, right where you need them! Our fast and flexible shipping options make it easy to get things like Loveless Fried Chicken Breading, Sweet Potato Pancake Mix, Chow Chow, Mason Jar Mary Mix, and so much more.

Biscuits & Preserves

It’s no secret that Loveless Biscuits and Preserves go together like sweet tea and summertime. That’s why we make it easy to shop our famous Biscuit Mix and Fresh Fruit Preserves online. Choose from Strawberry, Blackberry, or Peach, or just grab all three, and get to smotherin’ those golden biscuits. We also offer to ship our Heat N’ Eat biscuits right to your door, so all you have to do is heat ‘em up and eat ‘em up! (Shipping restrictions may apply. For more information, click here.)

Sweet Southern Spreads

Honey and Butters and Syrups, oh my! That’s right, y’all. Here at Loveless, we offer an array of sweet toppings with every meal. When it comes to biscuits, some folks prefer our 100% Pure Clover & Wildflower Honey, while others love the nostalgic flavor of golden Sorghum. And of course, we can’t forget about our 100% Pure Maple Syrup to go along with a stack of our Sweet Potato Pancakes or Belgium Waffles. Or how about our sweet-with-a-little-bit-of-spice Butters that will have you dreaming of all things fall? We’ve got Apple Butter, Pumpkin Butter, and Sweet Potato Butter. Cook with them, throw ‘em on a biscuit, or eat them straight out of the jar! (We won’t judge!)

Savory Staples

Shop Loveless Cafe’s impressive collection of country cookin’ essentials, from Sauces and Seasonings to Pickled Vegetables and Relishes. Our popular seasonings, like Peach-B-Q Dry Rub and Chicken Shake are the first (and easiest) steps to achieving the authentic flavors of the Loveless. But if you want to take it a step further, try out our Sweet-with-a-Bite BBQ Sauce, Peach BBQ Sauce, or Blackberry BBQ Sauce on your chicken wings, burgers, and pulled pork! Oh, and don’t forget about our Chow Chow, Corn Relish, and Sweet Pepper Relish to make your next country cookout the talk of the town!

Southern Snacks

Explore our collection of Southern Snacks to take with you on the go– or perhaps just to the next room! We’ve got everything from Peanut Brittle and Spiced Pecans to Beef Jerky and Meat Sticks. And, of course, our wildly popular bacon-infused snacks, like Piggy Popcorn, Piggy Pecans, and Piggy Brittle that are each made with real Applewood Smoked Bacon pieces!

Southern Food Gifts

Shop authentic Southern food gifts from the Loveless Cafe and put a smile on the faces of those who are near and dear to your heart. Our variety of gift sets have a little something for everyone on your list. Whether you’re shopping for Grandma and Grandpa or a next-door neighbor, you can’t go wrong with gifting a Taste of the Loveless Cafe!