Honey & Syrup

Honey, don’t bee shy! You’ve got to try our Honey, Sorghum, and Maple Syrup that are all 100% natural! That’s right, no preservatives over here, y’all! Loveless uses all-natural ingredients, sprinkles it with love, and bottles it up to send it straight to your door!
  1. Loveless Cafe 100% Natural Southern Wildflower Honey
  2. Loveless Cafe 100% Natural Old-Fashioned Southern Sorghum
  3. 100% Pure Maple Syrup
  4. Loveless Cafe Sticky Biscuits Gift Set - Biscuit Mix, Honey, and Sorghum
  5. Southern Spreads
  6. Original Honey Trio Set
  7. Whipped Honey Trio Set
  8. Snow Whip Honey - Cinnamon

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  9. Snow Whip Honey - Lavender
  10. Snow Whip Honey - Plain
  11. Barrel Aged Raw Honey