Honey & Syrup

Honey, don’t bee shy! You’ve got to try our Honey, Sorghum, and Maple Syrup that are all 100% natural! That’s right, no preservatives over here, y’all! Loveless uses all-natural ingredients, sprinkles it with love, and bottles it up to send it straight to your door!
  1. Loveless Cafe 100% Natural Southern Wildflower Honey
  2. Loveless Cafe 100% Natural Old-Fashioned Southern Sorghum
  3. 100% Pure Maple Syrup
  4. Loveless Cafe Sticky Biscuits Gift Set - Biscuit Mix, Honey, and Sorghum
  5. Loveless Cafe Southern Spreads Gift Set
  6. Honey Trio Set
  7. Honey Trio Set - Whipped
  8. Snow Whip Honey - Cinnamon
  9. Snow Whip Honey - Lavender
  10. Snow Whip Honey - Plain
‘Round here, folks understand the nostalgic taste of Honey or Sorghum on a warm biscuit in the morning. Grab a bag of our famous Biscuit Mix and bring those memories right to your kitchen table. You may also enjoy our Sweet Potato Pancake Mix or Belgian Waffle Mix to pair with our 100% Pure Maple Syrup!

These ingredients are used in some of our delicious dessert recipes, like the Naan Bread Fruit Pizza, Old-Fashioned Sorghum Cookies, and Maple Bacon Pancake Muffins!