Savory Gift Sets

  1. Smokehouse Special
  2. Ham N' Biscuits
  3. Loveless Cafe Grill Master BBQ Dry Rub Gift Set
  4. Loveless Cafe Country Ham Biscuit Pieces - Set of 6
  5. Applewood Smoked Bacon - Set of 4
  6. Loveless Cafe Moonshine Mixer Set of Southern Cocktail Mixers
  7. Country Ham Center Cut Slices - Set of 4
  8. Loveless Cafe Grill Master Peach Flavored BBQ Gift Set
  9. Maplewood Smoked Bacon - Set of 4
  10. TLC Hot Chicken
  11. Taste of the Loveless
  12. Loveless Traditions
  13. Hog Heaven
  14. Hickory Smoked Pepper Bacon - Set of 4
  15. Calico Dip Set
  16. Pack Your Pantry Southern Staples Gift Set
  17. savory seasonings with seasoned salt, chicken shake, peach-b-q rub, and dry rub
  18. Barbecue sauce gift set with sweet bbq sauce, peach bbq sauce, and blackberry bbq sauce