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Different Types of Woods Used To Smoke Bacon

When it comes to transforming ordinary bacon into a culinary masterpiece, the type of wood you choose for smoking can make all the difference! Depending on your desired flavor, texture, smokiness, and crispiness for your specific dish, you can enhance bacon with delightful flavors that vary from robust to subtly sweet. We’ll discuss different types of woods used to smoke bacon and why buying meats with these traditional Southern flavors is a great way to add diversity to your food.


Hickory is the granddaddy of smoked meats; its intense flavor and strong, slightly sweet aroma make it a classic choice for transforming ordinary bacon into a smoky marvel. Brimming with Southern soul, hickory’s robust influence works wonders on bacon, giving it a powerful, smoked punch that’s unforgettable. However, it’s important to go easy with hickory, as a little goes a long way; a heavy hand can result in bacon that’s overwhelmingly smoky for most palates. So, make sure you buy your hickory-smoked bacon from The Loveless Cafe, as we have years of experience getting the craft just right.


Applewood is also a type of wood that’s great for smoking bacon. For those who favor a more subdued yet distinctive smokiness, this is a stellar choice that’s second to none! Reminiscent of the beloved fruit, applewood gives bacon a gentle, sweet, and fruity flavor, infusing it with an exciting complexity that anyone can enjoy. Pair your applewood-smoked bacon with sharp cheddar and a dollop of fig jam on a freshly baked biscuit, and you’ve created a traditional Southern breakfast for champions.


If you’re fixin’ to craft a breakfast that satisfies your sweet tooth, maplewood is your go-to smoking wood. It leaves meat with a mild, sweet flavor with hints of caramel, adding a unique dimension that’s difficult to resist. In addition to the sweetness, maplewood’s aroma is warm and welcoming, making it ideal for a hearty breakfast. Maplewood-smoked bacon pairs wonderfully with waffles drizzled in maple syrup or a stack of pancakes, making it a must-have for any breakfast lover.

Each of these woods takes simple slices of bacon and makes each one a captivating experience for your tastebuds. With the right selection, home chefs can use these products to create meals that family and friends won’t soon forget. Loveless Cafe provides a diverse collection of smoked bacon online, and we ship them directly to your home. Regardless of where you are in the country, you can enjoy the world of flavors that only traditional Southern cooking can provide. Browse our products today for options that’ll leave you full as a tick yet still wanting more!