Common Pancake Mistakes That We All Make

There’s just something about the simple art of making pancakes on a slow Sunday morning. The smells that waft through the air, the sizzle as batter meets the pan, the anticipation of flipping that first fluffy disc of deliciousness—it’s hard to resist! Though pancakes seem like the easiest breakfast treat to make, everyone’s had that one batch that just didn’t come out right. We’ll talk about some common pancake mistakes that we all make, helping y’all avoid the pitfalls and ensuring your breakfast spread is always a hit.

Using the Wrong Flour

When it comes to pancakes, flour is the foundation! Using the wrong type of flour can make your pancakes too dense, cakey, or rubbery. Many home cooks might reach for the all-purpose flour, and while it’s a versatile choice, there are other flour options that can elevate the fluff factor. For a lighter, airier pancake, consider trying cake flour. Cake flour has a lower protein content, giving you a more delicate texture. If you want a great pancake without hemming and hawing over the details, our Belgian Waffle and Pancake Mix has all the ingredients you need in one pouch!

Overmixing the Batter

It’s easy to get carried away, but be careful when it comes to mixing your pancake batter! Overmixing develops more gluten, which can result in a more rubbery pancake. The goal is to mix until the wet and dry ingredients are just combined with only a few lumps left. Remember, it’s OK for your batter to look slightly lumpy—these spots will even themselves out while cooking.

Not Letting the Batter Rest

Too often, our pancakes fall short because we neglected one crucial step: giving the batter time to rest. Allowing the batter to rest for five to 10 minutes hydrates the flour and gives the leavening agents time to create air bubbles, which ultimately makes for lighter pancakes. Patience at this stage pays off with fluffy, evenly cooked pancakes that are less likely to tear when you flip them.

Incorrect Pan Temperature

Another common pancake making mistake is setting the griddle too hot or cool. The battle for the perfect pancake centers around the pan’s temperature. Too hot, and you’ll have burnt exteriors and undercooked centers. Too cool, and you’ll get pale pancakes that are at risk of being too tough to enjoy. Finding that perfect balance achieves a golden-brown exterior with a cooked-through center. One trick y’all can try is to preheat your pan over medium heat until it passes the “flick test”—a droplet of water should sizzle and evaporate on contact.

Whether it’s making pancakes or something more complex, practice makes perfect, and each breakfast delight comes with a learning experience. Y’all love these sweet hotcakes just as much as we do, and our line of baking mixes makes turning out incredible breakfasts a breeze. When you shop with the Loveless Cafe, we guarantee a traditional Southern recipe that comes directly out of our own home kitchen.