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Ham & Bacon

The Loveless Mail Order country ham, bacon and sausage are all hickory smoked and cured on a family farm with over 100 years of experience and know-how! Our country cured meats have been proudly made especially for the Loveless Cafe with a "no short cuts" approach. All our meats can be shipped safely because they are smoked, cured and vacuum packed - no refrigeration required for 90 days (only 10 days for sausage and fully cooked spiral sliced country ham). Award winning, our country hams are cured for 9-12 months! They are cured with a blend of brown sugar and salt, giving them their robust taste - hand trimmed and extra lean, you won't soon forget our country ham! You can get it whole, spiral sliced and fully cooked, center cut or biscuit size pieces!

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