Whole Country Ham

Whole Country Ham

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A full-sized country ham, uncooked and aged at least 9 months. This ham can be baked or boiled to your liking. 12-16 lbs. average.

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Our special curing process allows our country ham to keep for months without refrigeration. We recommend hanging your ham in a cool, dark place for maximum storage. Our special cure with sugar added helps cut the salt taste. These hams are not tenderized or pre-cooked – just country cured, smoked, and aged. Due to aging, your ham will have some mold on it; you may also notice white specks throughout the meat. This, in no way, affects the quality of the meat, but rather indicates proper aging and is often preferred by many connoisseurs.

Cooking Instructions

Clean ham with hot water and stiff brush to remove mold. If mold is very heavy, scrape with knife. Ham may be soaked in water overnight to help reduce salty taste. Cut off about 3 inches of hock. Hock may be used for seasoning when cooking other foods. Remove the skin (easier done after cooking while warm). Weigh the ham in order to calculate cooking time. Rub ham in spices or score with whole cloves, and then cover with brown sugar or pure honey. Place ham in aluminum foil in cooking vessel. Inside the foil, pour one-quart water, ginger ale or other liquid around the ham. Crimp foil tight with double fold and bake 30 minutes per pound at 250 degrees or until center of ham registers 170 degrees on a meat thermometer. Take out of oven and leave in foil until cooled to room temperature. Discard liquid at the end of baking period. Ham may be glazed after removing skin. Glaze with sugar, ginger ale, or fruit juices and spices. Place back in moderately hot (400-degree) oven just long enough to get golden brown or about 15 minutes.
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Whole ham
Dec 12, 2014  |  By Michael K - Seattle, WA
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I've gotten a whole ham from you every year for the last several years and it's always great!

Pretty Dern Good
Apr 3, 2013  |  By Nikki  - Dulles, VA
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I live in an area where Ham is hard to find. I have purchased many packages of bacon from Loveless. I took the plunge and bought the ham too. It was very good! Now, I about had a heart attack when I opened the package seeing it was in fact a WHOLE Country Ham! I'm use to purchasing from a grocery store meat department where they do all the prep work for you. I was a Ham rookie and was a bit intimidated by this. After a few online searches to show how to prepare and clean it, the intimidation went away and dinner was fabulous!